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In Selia Group, innovation is not just an idea, but it was grind as part of our working culture in the Group.
We always believe innovation and technology are our competitive edge in facing today’s business challenges.
To further instil this innovation idea to every employees within Selia Group, a yearly innovation convention were held to identify and rewards the best innovation idea in improving our current work processes.

In hoping for the brighter future of the company, Selia Group will continue to strive on innovation and technology because we believe, “Quality is a journey, not a mere destination”.
This amazing innovative idea was introduced to further improve the work process of using Dynamic Cone Penetrometer. Through mechanization of this equipment and process, lesser manpower cost incurred compared using original method.
Coring Extractor (COREX)
Coring Extractor or also known as COREX is an innovation of idea to improve the quality of coring sample. Usually, with conventional method of extracting coring sample, the sample is prone to be damaged due to poor extraction tools.
Innovative Rapid Vehicle (IRV)
Innovative Rapid Vehicle (IRV) was introduced to enhance the efficiency of the Emergency Team to accommodate emergency works that cannot be delivered by other contractors. By adopting 5S concept, tools and machinery are compartmentalized to maximize the use of space. (more...)
Cooling Break System
Cooling Break System is an innovation made to improve the brake lining lifecycle through improvement of breaking mechanism for tipper truck lorry. With this innovation, it has improved the cost of operation as well as improved the safety of our operation.(more...)
Safety Traffic Robot (STRABOT)
In response to the call for green technology, the company has come forward to develop a traffic management robotic powered by solar. STRABOT had revolutionised our working condition as it has replaced the dangerous work condition of flagman.(more...)
Patching Smart Paver
Patching Smart Paver is an innovation to improve the quality of pothole patching. It was designed to ensure the amount of premix placed on the pothole is sufficient and evenly distributed which eventually produce optimum and quality patching finishes.(more...)
Adoption of Drone Technology
The company has adopted a drone technology to improve its road data collection services. The data collection will be more at ease as more data can be collect without any obstruction through latest navigation system which enables the drone to generate automatic flight path. (more...)
Portable Drum Lifter (PODLAC)
PODLAC was a technology to lift and arrange heavy drum in warehouse at ease. By innovating machine which only use trolley, hydraulic car jack instrument and other durable mechanical tools, it has made overall process of arranging heavy drum more efficient and further improve the company’s operation.(more...)