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 People are our greatest strength

 Customers are our highest priority

 Partnerships are our future

 Innovation and technology are our

     competitive edge

 Performance is the key to winning






 Corporate culture that express,

     stimulate and reward individual and

      team performance








 Selia Ekuiti Sdn Bhd

 Selia Selenggara Sdn Bhd

 Selia Selenggara Selatan Sdn Bhd

 Selia Selenggara Engineering Sdn Bhd

 Bina Masyhur Sdn Bhd

 Gemencheh Granite Sdn Bhd

 Infra Desa (Johor) Sdn Bhd

 Southern Premix Sdn Bhd

 City University

 Ekuiti Facility Management Sdn Bhd

 Realis Sdn Bhd

 BH (India) Pvt Ltd

 Southkey Properties Sdn Bhd

 Southkey City Sdn Bhd

 Southkey Management Sdn Bhd

 MBI Development d.o.o

 BMIG d.o.o

 Timeless Prominence Sdn Bhd


SELIA Group is today recognised as among the leading engineering and construction companies in Malaysia, and a major player in the ownership of infrastructures regionally and globally.
Since our inception in 1984, the Group has strategically expanded our operation to include diversified business activities in Asset Management and Property Development
Having established a highly successful track record in our infrastructure developments and diversified business activities, SELIA Group enjoys a long-standing reputation for services, excellence and credibility in the industry.
With a dedicated staff force of more than 400 technical and non technical personal, the Group has operations in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Johor and has also established a strong presence in Ghana, Bosnia-Herzegovina and India.
As a technology-driven company, SELIA Group constantly applies cutting-edge technologies to increase efficiency and competitiveness to ensure highest quality standards and reliability in delivery.

Built on a solid foundation of reputation, integrity, quality workmanship, professional management and innovation, the Group is recognised for our passion and commitment to the growth and prosperity of both our clients and our people.